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I love life, enjoy life, and love the Vine.
I lived in Ca for 36 years and attended LBCC and CSULB.

I enjoy movies of all genres, horror, comedy, fantasy, sci-fy, action, and am not a sports fan at all. I don't watch much TV due to commercials. I hate them.

I like writing and am currently writing a book about my life after a 1975 fire.

I have a proboard for members to join and not attack one another. All are welcomed to join, but if you are a troll, you get 3 strikes and then you are out.

I enjoy building computers, helping the homeless, and seniors that need someone to talk to or to help with housework.

I moved to Iowa years ago from the Palisade's in CA. Bought a small home for myself, and planted a nice peach tree in the back yard, lots of flowers, hummingbirds and enjoy birdwatching here as well.

It really nice not dealing with busy traffic daily like I did in CA.

I am currently going in and out of the hospital for surgeries due to my sever burn injuries.

I believe that people should always step outside of the boxed lives we live in and take a look at where your life is going. Sometimes stepping out of the box can open doors for you, and help you see what's really going on in the world.

Share a Smile is important. I think it's always good to smile at people even if you don't know them. a smile can make a difference in someone's life that needs a smile, and needing to be noticed.


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